Let's Talk River Conservation

Let's Talk River Conservation

Western North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful rivers in North America. These rivers provide drinking water, recreation, and habitat for fish and wildlife. They are facing a number of threats, including pollution, development, and climate change.

There are a number of organizations working to conserve the rivers of Western North Carolina.

Conserving Carolina is a land trust that has conserved over 81,000 acres of land in the region. They work to protect rivers by acquiring land along their banks, restoring forests, and educating the public about river conservation.

MountainTrue is an environmental advocacy organization that works to protect the air, water, and land of Western North Carolina. They have been instrumental in the fight to clean up the French Broad River and other waterways in the region.

RiverLink is a non-profit organization that works to improve the health of the French Broad River. They do this through a variety of programs, including river cleanups, education, and advocacy.

How can we help?

Reduce pollution: Reduce your use of pesticides and fertilizers, and dispose of waste properly.

Protect riverbanks: Plant trees and shrubs along riverbanks to help prevent erosion. Avoid building on riverbanks.

Support sustainable development: Choose businesses that are committed to environmental protection. Support policies that promote sustainable development.

By working together, we can protect the rivers of Western North Carolina for future generations.
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